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    • The Sleep Of Reason – The James Bulger Case by David James Smith:
      Faber Finds edition with new preface, available September 15th, 2011.

    • Young Mandela the movie – in development.

      From The Guardian
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      In the Diary column of The Independent, April 13th, 2011

      More on my previously unsubstantiated claim that the writer-director Peter Kosminsky, creator of The Promise, is working on a drama about Nelson Mandela. I’ve now learnt that the project is a feature film, in development with Film 4, about the young Mandela. Kosminsky is currently at work on the script and, given the complaints about the anti-Jewish bias of The Promise, it is unlikely to be a standard bland portrait of the former South African president.

    Latest Review

      New York Times – J. M. Ledgard
    • Nelson Mandela was circumcised as a 16-year-old boy alongside a flowing river in the Eastern Cape. The ceremony was similar to those of other Bantu peoples. An elder moved through the line making ring-like cuts, and foreskins fell away. The boys could not so much as blink; it was a rite of passage that took you beyond pain. read full review

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