Praise for Supper With The Crippens

Book cover for Supper With The Crippens by David James Smith‘Fascinating retelling of the gruesome suburban murder that became the media sensation of 1910’. Sunday Times

‘Offers a compelling account of this terrible crime, uncovering new evidence’. Christopher Hudson, The Daily Mail

‘It was a gruesome murder case which rocked Edwardian Britain and holds a grim fascination until the present day…Smith gives a superb psychological insight into a man who was thought to be inscrutable and inexpressive but was capable of one of the most sickening crimes of passion of the time…Smith’s impartial journalistic eye gives a balanced account of events, untouched by the hyperbole so prevalent in many contemporary accounts. In the course of the book, he also manages to give a detailed and morbidly fascinating account of capital punishment in the early twentieth century’. The Herald

‘David James Smith…has been meticulous in his research and this book is likely to remain the definitive account of a crime which still intrigues and to an extent baffles aficionados of murder’. PD James, Sunday Telegraph

‘The story is just as resonant in the retelling almost a century later’. Christopher Sylvester, Sunday Times

‘A first rate book in the best tradition of true crime writing’. Martin Edwards, Tangled Web

‘Smith has produced a completely absorbing book, which recreates life as it was in the Edwardian era. You might almost be there at one of the convivial dinner parties hosted by the American-born Crippens’. Glasgow Evening Times

‘David James Smith treats his subjects as a good journalist should: he weighs up the value of witness accounts that were perhaps influenced by the newspapers in which they were published; he tracks down statements that were not used in the trial; he investigates the subsequent lives of those who were involved, including Ethel herself and her relatives; he distinguishes fact and speculation, and he itemises his sources.’ Andrew Taylor, Spectator


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